The Senate DJs are a union of leaders and elite DJs with their own brands, crews and movements. Our interests and beliefs all fall in line working together to share our art with the world. If you are interested in joining our brotherhood your journey starts here. We require all members to have at least 5 years experience and comply with our code of ethics. You must represent core values of integrity, tradition, respect, knowledge and most importantly SKILLS. We focus our efforts on exposing the DJ culture to the general public through our media content and marketing techniques as well as, a heavy focus on preservation and the evolution of the craft. This is a commitment and not to be taken as lightly as our House of Reps membership. Although, there is no specific genre tied to our brand we encourage our pledges to have a well rounded knowledge of music and techniques. We are looking for artists..

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After your admission you will continue to your own profile page & free Reps DJ membership while we process your Senate DJs membership entry. After completion of your profile, your Senate DJ Pledge is now activated. We will contact you asap with our results after all members vote. The Senate is growing and the future looks bright, be a part of it.

Our DJs will review your content and application and vote as a collective on your entry. Majority votes gain admission to our little club. At that time we will send you a copy of our charter to read, agree & sign.